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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 7, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: standing in front of the restaurant she started 20 years ago, show said she is giving up on the word. hon. >> i am no longer going to hold a trademark on the word hon. i have gone threw all the animosity, anger and passion that this little word that is -- just felt in the hearts of so many. >> reporter: she held the trademark for over a decade and cafe hon suffered a backlash. the commercialization struck a are in of and cut deeply into her -- are in dire -- nerve and cut into her restaurant. >> i completely sold things,
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used up my ira and put it in the restaurant to continue to meet payroll expenses. if it doesn't turn around, i will shut the doors. >> reporter: words of the freedom drew a celebratory response. >> victory in baltimore tonight. >> glad she's realized maybe she should pay attention to the people had go in and are her bread and butter. >> reporter: never mind the owner decided to give up the word hon in front of a los angeles film crew that's temporarily taken over it. production or not, critics say baltimore has reclaimed a piece of its heritage and done niece whiting is focusing on another word -- sorry. >> no one can ever steal or own the spirit of baltimore, and i
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apologize from the bottom of my heart for all of the -- all the pain that i've caused to everyone out there. >> reporter: in hampden, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> it survived another controversy a year before the trademark became public when the city threatened to remove that large flamingo from the front of the restaurant. at that point the community rallied around the owner until mayor sheila dixon stepped in and saved the sign. >> we fell back over the weekend. we are past sunset. you're looking at dusk over charm city. it's been a beautiful day but the days will feel short. sunset just past 5 p.m. now. wow, take a look things generally clear. that will be the case the rest
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of the evening. 61 at ellicott city. it as calm. the rest of the night we'll fall through the 50s. much more is coming up no taking a look at stories from around the nation. the fallout from the child sexual abuse charges against former penn state coach jerry sandusky continue today. so far, two other penn state officials have been charged, senior vice-president gary schultz and athletic director tim curley appeared in court. now at this point the attorney general said coach joe paterno is not a target of the investigation. looked like something out of a horror movie instead of a heist when three men wearing masks bust busted into -- busted into a scroll ri store ordering
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people on the floor. they started smashing casessed take -- cases and taking jewelry. they got away with $200,000 worth of merchandise. a man in new york drew a lot of lay tension to his cause -- attention to his cause. he was hanging on a long rope ladder. he was holding a sign. essentially state police lowered him to the water. he either jumped or fell off and was eventually pulled onto a boat. we're going to give you a look at new york city's first ever cops and tell you how much the state is hoping they will get out of the deal. maybe you've tried one. if you drive in baltimore, you had a hard time finding a parking spot. we'll tell you why the rent to
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drive cars are taking up so many spots for free.
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a new report said the wealth
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gap is growing. the pew research center reports in 2009, households had a net worth of 7 teams greater than those 35 or greater. experts believe the divide may be due to the fact that young are americans are carrying more debt than not past and have trouble finding jobs in a down market. some financial experts now believe student loan debt could be the next big bubble to burst. student loans have been rising more than 8%. the new report estimates the average debt has be more than $25,000. a neighborhood in queens new york is looking more like
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atlantic city. government officials are hoping the casino will bring in an additional $500 million in taxes to the state. herman cain has remained in the headlines and it's all for the wrong reason. we'll tell you what a fourth accuser is now saying. it's not black friday yet, but some of the countries biggest retailers are already offering sneak peeks for sale. we'll tell you what items are on a family's difficulty list.
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zipping around downtown. have you noticed zip cars in the places you used to pancht 5,000
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have paid up to use them. while they've paid the company, zip cars are not paying for the spots. >> reporter: for those on four wheels in the city, the hunt is always on for a trophy that stands about 15 feet. you circle. >> parking is at a premium. we really need every space we can get. >> reporter: parking spots are precious and few, so why are some being given away. >> it's a surprise to me. >> reporter: tom rivers was shocked to see spots outside his fells point bar suddenly disappeared. these orange signs went up. days later some of that neighborhood parking went away. >> i said what's this for and they said zip cars, and we had not heard about any of this. nobody told us. >> reporter: they didn't know the spaces they used to share
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with neighbors will be used by car sharing, zip cars. the parking authority of baltimore city said it will actually create spots in parking challenged areas by giving people a reason who live there to difficult their rides. >> for every zip card vehicle or car sharing vehicle it replaces 15 to 20 vehicles. >> reporter: that's according to a zip car impact that didn't include baltimore where more than 100 zip cars are parked and more than half are on the street. some replaced metered or residentialed spots. >> they basically said we want to put spots, this is where we want to put them. what do you think about that. >> reporter: she said her group was asked to weigh in before her group took up spots.
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they even got the cars shifted to a location. >> we thought this was a win-win situation. >> these are your parking spaces. >> reporter: some feel like losers. at a comment meeting he said they have to fight harder for spaces. >> i understand they're expecting people to get run of their cars possibly and use the zip cars. it's a great idea. they should pay for the parking space then. >> reporter: you pay for parking by feeding the meter or getting a rest deption pass. how much does zip car pay for the same privilege. we checked the contract. when it comes to the car sharing the city gets zip. it's been that way for more than a year. abc2 obtained the zip car contract and learned the company got free spaces for the first 18 months. starting in 2012, they'll pay
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just $40 per seas per month -- per space per month, even though the meter cost make that much in two days. >> this far outweighs what the city would be losing in citation revenues. >> reporter: joanie gave up two cars and relies on zip cars. he hopes his neighbors will give up the fight against them. >> it's easier if they calm down about these two spots. they're not seeing 30 spots being taken. >> reporter: until that people like tom wants the program steered in another direction. >> i hope it's not too late. i'm sure there's a better place to put that. >> the zip cars are already impacting habits.
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a survey shows 18% of them sold their cars since joining the service. 46% have avoided buying one. the parking authority said baltimore is the first city to charge a rental if he for parking spaces but they only get those fees if they hit 1,000 hours of daytime use a month. the sun has set completely now. not even dusk left. looks like beautiful and milder weather. one thing i'll tell you, the days are feeling mighty shomplet 62 -- short. we'll be in the 4:00 hour for sun sets rapidly. baltimore, beautiful blue skies. looks like we lost that abc2 weather bug camera. you couldn't find a cloud in the sky today.
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it was gorgeous, fantastic and still beautiful fall color. how about laurel high school, annex with a ton of brilliant fall color still left on the trees down that way. our radar picture extremely quiet, not expecting that to change. temperature wise low 60s to mid-50s. 62 out at the airport. 61 in hagerstown. highs struggle in -- struggling in the upper 60s in some places. winds light, variable, really a nonfactor. this quiet clear weather set to continue for a few more days. kind of unusual for the mid-part of november when the weather pattern begins to speed up. we're getting a nice little reprieve. by the end of the month we'll be looking at a completely deliver forecast picture. there are showers, storms,
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tornado possibilities in oklahoma. some of the areas are getting hit. a new system is beginning to brew off the carolina coast. this is likely not to become a tropical system but could become quite the tropical storm. high pressure sits in control. weave got basically cool -- we've got basically cool air. mild air will flow tomorrow into wednesday. as we go forward in time you can see what happens. our big high pressure bubble keeping us nice and clear, begins to shift further east wednesday. the frontal boundary pushes out of the west. the storm system coming off the coast. maryland is in the squeeze play. it could mean preen around here for -- rain around here for thursday into friday. north baltimore county, carol county, look for frost. tuesday will be 67, sunny.
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tomorrow night 45. the outlook as we head towards the veterans day weekend it looks cooler with sunshine by early next week. kelly? well, in tonight's democracy 2012, a fourth woman has alleged show was harassed by herman cain in the 1990's apparently landing another blow to the gop's hopes. sounds like this accuser could be much more devastating for herman cain. >> reporter: the reason being, now we have a face behind all these allegation. there's a news conference which took place earlier this afternoon. this bass in new york -- this was in new york. the details have not been confirmed, but sharon bialek
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along with attorney gloria allred said herman cain helped her find a job after she was let go fruf the national restaurant association. she said he is went for dinner with him and on the way back this is what she say happened. >> he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he brought my head towards his crotch. i was very surprised and shocked. i said what are you doing. you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for. mr. cane said you want a job right? i asked him to stop and he decide. >> reporter: her attorney said they have two written statements filed under oath backing up her story. towards the end she delivered
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this emergency to herman cain. >> i want you, mr. cain, to come clean. just admit what you did. admit that you were inappropriate to people. >> reporter: here's more information. we know she's a chicago native, registered republican, worked for various media outlets, has a teenage son. herman cain is denying the accusations. >> is he saying anything more than he's not going to hans these media questions. >> reporter: he's been answering questions, and all have been vague. this one said all allegations against mr. cane are false. mr. cain has not harassed anyone. fortunately, people. will not allow his 999 plan to be overshadowed by these bogus
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attacks. many people thought it would die down, but clearly that's not the case. >> checking in with jamie costello. >> coming up at 6:00, a judge has granted the defense attorney for hughley documents. you tend to look at the kelley blue book for information but now scammers are using them to get your information. >>. here's a preview of what's ahead with diane sawyer. mark's secret recipe for success, products putting an entire town to work, all made in america. what struggling towns can learn tonight on world news.
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and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled.
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a rally pushed the market up. the s&p 500 up almost eight. taking a look at your consumer alert. looking for a deal on a television this black friday? experts say this is the year who get a great deal. some store also offer discounts across the board including 40% off of big screen tv's plus free shipping. stressed out business travelers can get a small dose of tlc. spas everywhere from small resorts to large upscale ones
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are julying in on the trend. the good news is the shorter treatments are cheaper. now for last minute shopper good news. ups is expected to deliver more packages. ups predicts it will see five days where its deliveries will meet or go beyond 25 million. fedex plans to handle 17 million on december 12th. another store jumping on the bandwagon at midnight on black friday, best buy. target's macy's and kohl's have announced their plans. walmart usually holds off until 5 a.m.
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a gas main like in south baltimore is -- leak-s in south baltimore is becoming a challenge. from the foothills of from theberg, sadness over the death of a why the suspect said she didn't do it. >> they got one of the highest tax rates in the country. the governor is pushing the pedal on this gas tax but some would like to apply the battle creeks. an ultimatum from the city. the city is working on a gas main


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